Courtroom Information

Courtroom Rules and Regulations

  • Security: Law Enforcement is stationed during all court proceedings;
  • Dress: Business casual dress must be adhered to and the following items are not allowed. If any of the below are not followed, you may be asked to leave or be given covering attire:
  • No exposed undergarments or revealing necklines;
  • No tank tops or halter style garments
  • No low rise jeans, pants, skirts, or shorts
  • No shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than 3 inches above the knees
  • No garments with offensive slogans, advertising, alcohol or drugs.
  • Weapons: No item(s) that may be considered a weapon or used for malicious purposes. This includes gun (with or without a permit), a knife regardless of its size, mace, a chain, baton, or any other tool or item that might be used as a weapon. Questionable items will be removed by law enforcement.
  • Noise: No talking unless the court asks you a question or you are currently before the judge. Please speak clearly and in a normal speaking voice
  • Electronics: Cell phones and electronic devices must be on silent and are not permitted to be used in court except for the purpose of displaying or providing evidence
  • Hats: All hats must be removed upon entering the courtroom
  • Etiquette: All parties will treat each other in a professional and respectful manner. Inappropriate gestures or remarks will not be tolerated
  • Bench: When speaking to the court, do not lean on the courtroom bench
  • Children: Prior arrangements for childcare should be made for infants or small children
  • Tobacco: Use of tobacco, in any form whether true or synthetic, is forbidden. Any form of tobacco use on city property is prohibited
  • Contempt of Court: May be administered by the court in order to protect the rights of all parties and the interests of the public by assuring the administration of justice is not obstructed.

Trial Information

  • Each party will be given the opportunity to present their case including but not limited to documents, photographs, videos or other discovery
  • All witness testimony must be given in open court after being sworn under oath by the Municipal Judge. A written witness statement is not admissible
  • Once all pertinent evidence is presented, the Municipal Judge will administer a judgment
  • If found not guilty, the judge may dismiss the case without cost
  • If found guilty, a fine, state required fees and court cost can be assessed