Finance / City Clerk

  1. About the City Clerk

The City Clerk is secretary to the City of Yukon and maintains all public records and documents, as well as providing financial management, oversight and reporting for the City

This office maintains all official City papers, records, public documents, minutes and files of the City Council, Boards and Commissions, and publishes ordinances, notices, agendas and other public documents

The City Clerk keeps the minutes of Council proceedings and, with the Mayor, signs and attests all ordinances and resolutions. The City Clerk also receives all lawsuits, tort claims, protests, appeals, bids and claims, and coordinates City elections.

The City Clerk/Finance Department is responsible for preparing, coordinating, and monitoring the City's operating and capital budgets. Staff also develops a yearly revenue projection, as well as monthly revenue and expenditure statements, and, along with the City Manager and Council, prepares an annual budget for the city

This office processes, deposits and routes all incoming revenue and utility collections, and manages the City's pooled investments. City bank accounts and debt service payments and processing of returned checks are handled through this department

From this department, vendor checks are processed.

The Purchasing Agent is responsible for assisting departments in preparing specifications for items and services to be purchased by the City; receiving competitive bids, both formally and informally, depending on the cost of the item, and processing purchasing requests.

Public Records Requests

The City Clerk maintains all public records and documents.

Please contact the City Clerk for more information about Public Records Requests.

Budget and Bid Opportunities

View the Budget Summary for Fiscal Year 2023 to 2024 (PDF).

View the Bid-Opportunities page.

Yukon GO 2023 Bond Transparency Act of 2017