Solicitor's Permits

Solicitor permits are required to go door to door of residences or businesses. This includes leaving flyers, handbills, etc. Local businesses are not required to have a permit. Refer to the City of Yukon municipal ordinance here for other exempt groups.

Apply for the permit at the Yukon Police Department Records window between 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

Download, print and complete the Solicitor Permit Application Form (PDF).

Provide a valid state-issued Driver's License or ID card.

Submit a full 3-part OSBI background check for each applicant.

Provide a color passport-size photo.

Pay a fee per person of $50 per day, $300 per week, or $1,000 per year.

The applicant's fingerprints will be taken and retained at the police department.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash or cashier's check. No personal checks, credit cards or debit cards will be accepted.

A $500 surety bond will be required from any applicant taking advance payment from citizens.

For more information refer to the City of Yukon Municipal Ordinance Number 82-1 through 82-28 available on the Yukon Municode website.